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Thermic™ Smart AI Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner System

Our tablets can be attached to different accessories – tripods, floor mounts, wall mounts, tablet stands and etc.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud

Simple Cloud Login 



Create an account, input your email address, login ID and password.

Dashboard Analytics
(Clear & Easy)


View all of your data and see which are the urgent/emergency that you need to clear.

Attendance Tracking


View all of your employees sign in/out timings and temperature logs all in one place.

Store up to 10,000/50,000/100,000 Faces Records

  • Accurate face recognition and dynamic temperature display
  • High temperature alarm to reduce manual work
  • Contact-less, fast temperature measurement
  • Temperature measurement within 100ms within 1m
  • Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.5 Degree Celsius
  • 3 in 1 LED Light Indicator
  • 24/7 real-time temperature measurement
  • Internal or Cloud Storage
  • Mask Recognition
  • Build in Speakers
  • English and Mandarin Languages
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It takes about 5-10 minutes to setup the device on the standing frame mount. Turning on the device should take around 1-2 minutes. 

Thermic product has a Temperature measurement accuracy +/- 0.5°C

No. Just power on and the detection will work normally. Do note that the camera is sensitive, please do note touch/rub/scratch the camera.


1-Year Local Warranty (On Factory Defects)

3-Months Onsite Warranty (Installation)

Not at the moment. We are working on integrating ‘SafeEntry’ as another solution. We recommend that you use the SafeEntry QR code as another method to track alongside with our device.

Yes we can toggle between English and Mandarin Languages for both the Device and the Cloud System.

The device is designed to scan one person at a time. 

Data can be collected locally via a USB drive or through the online cloud database system. 

No. The device can operate by itself even without internet – However data will be stored locally. 

Yes. They do not interfere with each other. 

As of 12/5/2020 – the lead-time required is about 12-14 days. 

However, this depends on the shipping companies and the port. (There has been delays due to the COVID-19 virus).

Yes, we do provide.

Please ask our sales representatives for more info.

Yes. There is a warning sound with ‘bright’ red lighting from the device. 

The server is currently hosted in several countries and is Safe. If you require secured hosting for your own databases, you can host the cloud in your own server. 

The temperature is taken within 100ms in 1m. 

Yes, our AI solution can detect even when the users masks is on. 

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